370A V12 Convertibe Coupé
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370A V12 Convertibe Coupé

Cadillac 370A V12 Convertibe Coupé


The Cadillac V-12 is a top-of-the-line car that was manufactured by Cadillac from the 1931 through the 1937 model years. All were furnished with custom bodies, and the car was built in relatively small numbers. A total of 10,903 were made in the seven model years that the automobile was built, with the majority having been constructed in its inaugural year.It was Cadillac's first, and is to date, Cadillac's only standard production V-12 powered car.

In the mid to late 1920s a number of luxury car manufacturers began work developing multicylinder engines. Not to be outdone, Cadillac began work on two different multicylinder engines, a V-12 and a V-16. Larry Fisher, Cadillac General Manager, leaked to the press information about the V-12, hoping to keep the V-16 a secret.


Owen Nacker, who designed the Cadillac V-16 engine, also designed the Cadillac V-12 engine, and it shared the tooling and many of the components of the V-16. The V-12 was essentially a truncated V-16, with a bore of 3.125" instead of 3", and retaining the V-16's 4" stroke, giving it a displacement of 368 cubic inches. It shared the V-16's 45 degree bank angle., rather than the 60 degree angle that would have been ideal. The V-12 was less powerful than the V-16, generating 135 versus 175 horsepower. Both engines featured overhead valves in the first generation.

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Cadillac 370A V12 de 1931

Convertible-Coupe by Fleetwood

Engine 1005430


History :

-Unknown between 1931 and 1991. This Cadillac seems to have been restored in the US before going to Europe.

-1991-1993 : Registred in Belgium

-Februrary 1993 : Cadillac exhibited in Classic car Show ‘Rétromobile’ in Paris. Was then bought by French collector from south of France. 8000kms driven during this 10 years period

-Sold to another French collector from Normandy in 2003.. Litle used since, 400kms driven

-2022: Bought by French classic car dealer The Motors Gallery


Recent work done:

2007:  head gasket

2015 : Intake and exhaust gasket, re-tight head

2017 : important job concernant Carbs, ignition, fuel system (148hrs)



Puissance fiscale
Puissance max
Couple max

V12 à 45°
368 cu in (6.0 L)
135 bhp à 3400 trs/min
384 nm à 1200 trs/min


0-100 km/h
Vitesse de pointe

132 km/h


Boîte de vitesses

To the rear


Poids à vide

5,309 mm
1,869 mm
1,842 mm
2200 kg


Quiet rare car on the market, this specific V12 is still in very good condition. Completely restored from the cassis many years ago, only some chrome parts need to be done and balance the carbs.

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