MK VI Special
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MK VI Special


1948 Bentley MK VI Special

First registered on 25/03/1948, this Bentley MK VI chassis B84CF has been modified in 1976 as a racing Bentley by the Bentley boy Martin Trentham. At that time, he gave the engine-frame the Bentley Continental R specialist Alan Padgett ( The car was prepared to run with the adoption of a 4.9L engine caming from an S1, triple weber 45 D carburetors, a prepared cylinder head, etc ... The body was entrusted at that time to the specialist Bob Smith of RS panel England (, the leader in Aluminum body, design inspired by Jaguar Type C.

B84CF was registered SO 8297 and was completed in May 11th 1976, and took part to it’s first race in the same month to the Ghent Speed Trials in Belgium.

Martin James Trentham, Bentley Driver as part of the Bentley Driver’s Club (BDC) races, then used this Bentley in races between 1976 and 1989:

- Ghent Speed ​​Trial 1976

- Winner of his class Brighton Speed ​​trial 1976

- Winner of the 6h relay at Silverstone in 1984

- Fastest lap to Silverstone in 1984 in 1min12s, 93 

- 01/08/1987 fastest lap of the Silverstone circuit in 1min08: 2 and 84.87 mph average


The car then changed hands in 1989 and was acquired by Victor Gauntlett, Owner and CEO of Aston Martin between 1980 and 1992. Known for his passions in the automobile Victor Gauntlett didn't run the car and kept in the garage.

This Bentley was then acquired at Beaulieu Christies auction in 1992 by French collector Paul Emile Bessade and registered under the French number 3470 PF 94. He ran to the Damiers on the ring of Montlhery and has participated to the 1994 carrera Panamericana in South America.

The car was then sold at Poulain auction in Paris in 1997 to another French collector in 1997, Mr Baudat and Mrs Véronique Mercier, who re-registered the car in England under its original number SO 8297.

No used between 2004 and 2009, it was sold at Godwood Bonhams auction in 03/07/2009 and bought by Mr. Kevin Dolan in UK who repaired the car, mainly the engine and rear axle.

The car then changed hands in 2013 to Mr. Mandat and registered the car in Germany under No. “TS P2 H”

We own this Racing Bentley for our Stock and entered the car into the 50th Paris to Deauville rally, 1600 kms done in 2016.

The car is for sale and viewable in our Showroom.


This Bentley MK VI was converted in 1972 based on a Bentley Type R and Mk VI chassis via a shortened wheelbase from 3.048m to 2.68m.

The car was equipped with a Continental type R gearbox, very popular on the market for its long ratios allowing a good maximum speed on the circuits.

The engine is also identical to a continental R; it is a 4.9l, equipped with three Weber carburettors and a prepared cylinder head with bigger valves. The engine block was also redone in the years 2009 -2010.

The rear axle is a Salisbury limited slip, ratio of 3.07: 1.

Braking was also revised by the adoption of 4 front pistons caliper, rear drum brakes, and two assistance systems

The shock absorbers were also revised by the adoption of 4 Koni shock absorbers, in addition of the two original front absorbers.

The cooling has also been improved by the adoption of two additional electric fans and two aluminum expansion tanks.

An oil cooler was installed on the car.

An very big alternator was installed instead of the dynamo.

The bodywork realized at the time by RS panel is in excellent condition, the patina of the aluminum is absolutely sumptuous 

The adoption of an all-aluminum body allows this MK VI special to have been weighed at 1273kg in running order, a relatively light weight given the size of the Bentley chassis.

There is only one specimen of this bodywork on MK VI chassis, so it is a unique model.



Puissance fiscale
Puissance max
Couple max

6 cylindres on line
4887 cm3
250 hp


0-100 km/h
Vitesse de pointe

0-1mile: 27,3s
240 km/h


Boîte de vitesses

4 speed


Poids à vide

4,4 m
1,8 m
1,04 m
1273 kg


This racing Bentley was carried out by Bentley Continental R specialist Alan Padgett, with a whole body aluminium inspiration on the Jaguar C-type, and produced by specialist Bob Smith RS panel. This Bentley ordered by Bentley Driver Martin to participate in races of BDC (Bentley Driver's Club) in the 70s, this car historically known and listed in the book "Bentley Specials" by Ray Roberts is absolutely amazing. Equipped with an 4.9l engine, Continental R gearbox, 3 Weber carburettors and incredible technical improvement, this Bentley got the fastest lap of the Silverstone circuit in 1984, rolled in Montlhéry also ran the legendary Carrera Panamericana in 1994 in south America. This Bentley works perfectly and is available in our stock.

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